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    Massage Chairs and Accessories

    Welcome to Good Price World, home to the best selection of premium massage chairs and accessories online. Our inventory includes the best massage chairs and massagers from Kahuna Chair, a leading brand of 3D zero-gravity massage chairs. Treat yourself to an invigorating massage from the comfort of your own home with one of our massage chairs online. Our massage chairs and accessories feature state-of-the-art technology and ergonomic designs to provide the best possible massage. Many of our products also include built-in massage programs to target the muscles in your neck, back, shoulders, buttocks, and legs. Check out our entire selection of massage chairs online, or browse some of our more popular items below.



    The King’s Elite Massage Chair, the meaningful extravagance for your majesty

    • Your endeavor deserves to be empathized by being treated like a King in EM8500
    • 4D massage features with intensity adjustments allow ordering the personalized message, mimicking human touch.
    • EM8500 has already strived to set 24 specific auto programs for you, specialized in any occasions and life styles, not to add any concerns to your day but to only enjoy and relax
    • Fully Assembled



    Introducing the New Superb Quality Human-like Full-Body 3D Zero Gravity Massage Chair. Kahuna Hubot promises to provide ultimate rejuvenation and soothing relaxation for those who need a professional, high-quality, full-body massage therapy session at home.

    • HSL-Track (52 Inches long Hyper SL-track) Massage System
    • Along with the innovative HSL-Track, Hubot features the 3D performance KMS-08M-225L Massage System with nearly double-sized high-elasticity massage balls that protrude to every inch you need. KMS-08M-225L can easily run the massage session up to 1 hour without overloading the chair, and it’s able to perform the best of the sophisticated massage sessions.
    • 15 New Massage programs including basic rejuvenation and relaxation programs, most popular 2 Kahuna Signature Programs, 3 Stretching, 2 Chiropractic programs and 4 Special sports massage programs with 7 separate air and roller intensity level control.
    • SIZE- Recommended Height: 5'1" to 6'2", Recommended Weight: Under 350 lbs, Shoulder & Seating Size: Shoulder - 24" Seating 17", Chair Upright Position: 52" X 31" X 48", Chair Reclined Position: 38" x 31" x 74" + 7" (Leg extension).



    Massage chair built to focus on a higher-quality massage experience with a variety of auto programs that feature bigger body range coverage. It features a strong massage performance with lasting performance.

    • SM Series main massage system is on a SL-track with 6 wheel rollers. SL-track is the shape of roller trail with a curve that is designed to provide support to your neck, back, and all the way to buttocks. This system will cover your entire back and decompresses everyone’s spine and increases the effects range of massage by far.
    • Advanced 3 technique Foot Massage with long extension. Full coverage squeeze function with 3 different techniques with tapping, rolling, scraping with dual air-cells that inflate and wrap around the sides of your calves and top of the foot.
    • SIZE- Recommended Height: 5' to 6'5", Recommended Weight: Under 350 lbs, Shoulder & Seating Size: Shoulder - 24" Seating 21", Chair Upright Position: 48" X 28" X 47", Chair Reclined Position: 38" x 28" x 69" + 6" or 12" (Leg extension)



    • LM series main massage system is on L-track or SL-track with 4 Rollers. It is a standard size massage chair with shape of roller L-track designed to provide support from neck to back and all the way to buttocks. With the many features it provides and affordable price, it is customers pick #1 massage chair series.
    • Space-Saving Technology with zero gravity angle. Space-saving sliding reclining system will only need 3” from the wall, it will always look great in your room.
    • Kahuna special auto programs with Dual foot rollers with full-body air-cell massage system gives you full rejuvenating massage.
    • Heat therapy for lower back, calves, and feet
    • SIZE- Recommended Height: LM-6800, LM-7000: 5'3" to 6' LM-7800: 4'11" to 5'11", Recommended Weight: Under 220 lbs, Shoulder & Seating Size: Shoulder - 22" Seating 20", Chair Upright Position: 52" X 31" X 48", Chair Reclined Position: 32" x 31" x 73" + 6" (Leg extension)




    2019 New compact zero gravity massage chair with L-track 4 kneading Shiatsu massage style roller nodes cover from neck to buttocks with fully adjustable width, height, and timer function. All-in-one compact massage chair

    • 2 auto programs : Anti-Stress and Relaxation
    • 4 different types of massages, including Knead, Swing, Knocking and Tapping, as well as customized targeting of the massage areas.
    • Blac and gold color options with an user-friendly remote that can be easily operated by simply choosing what you want.



    Kahuna Foot and Leg Massager Series

    • Classic foot and leg care massager FLM-088
    • Special care foot and leg care massager FLM-888
    • New 2018 Compact foldable foot massager FLM-PAU

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