Protect your home and office from harmful allergens and viruses with HEPA( high-efficiency particulate arresting)  filter in RUHENS which is really good at pulling things out of the air and holding onto it and does not allow them to recirculate. And it is designed to trap particles as small as Covid19 virus, thus continuous use of RUHENS air purifier will help achieving virus free environment, and to ensure the more perfect quality of the air, another main function, the ionizer works simultaneously to give air particles an electrical charge which pulls the remnant contaminants toward the plate or any object with opposing electrical charge and they are tend to never reenter into the air.

Add a small portable air purifier to your home today to protect your family from harmful viruses such as covid19 and other contaminated particles.

Portable Room Air Purifiers

Protect your home from harmful allergens and contaminants with portable room air purifiers and filters from Good Price World. Our small portable air filters are designed to improve air quality within your home by releasing an ion cluster into the air, effectively removing a variety of bacteria. The negatively charged ion cluster technology in each portable room air filter attaches to oxygen in the air to form a negative charge in the molecule. Once the ion attaches, the negatively charged molecule attaches to pollen, dust, dander, and other contaminants before being pulled back into the air filter to strip harmful chemicals from the molecule. Add a small portable air filter to your home today to protect your family from a variety of unhealthy particles.