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Five Questions to Ask Before Buying a Massage Chair

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Massage: the word itself seems to conjure up luxurious images of dimly lit rooms and soothing music. And just saying the word ‘massage’ is like exhaling a sigh. When you say ‘massage’, it seems to slow down your breathing...it’s like you are in the massage chair and you’re beginning to relax already. However, if you are looking to purchase a good massage chair, you could be stressed out. Here are five things to look for that will help make buying a massage chair less stressful for you. 

1. How Long Will It Last?

When you are buying a massage chair for your home or business, you want to ask yourself about its durability. Finding a discount massage chair might sound like a great deal, will be no bargain if it needs to be fixed two months after you purchase it!

2. How Much Does It Cost?

Make sure the massage chair you are thinking of buying is within your budget. Do you really need the most fancy model, the best leg massager, a whole body massage chair, or the best full body massage chair? Or could a discount massage chair do the job just as well? Remember, a good massage chair is not always the most expensive massage chair!

3. How Do You Move It Around?

Take one look at a massage chair and common sense will tell you that it is not the easiest piece of furniture to move around. Usually, they are very bulky and huge. Some, however, come on wheels which may be a factor. Think about where the chair is going and if you need a model that is portable. And make sure to measure if you buy one that reclines!

4. How Do You Fix It?

This is a big part in doing your research before you purchase a massage chair. Make sure you can find an authorized massage chair technician near you to repair your chair if it stops working. Also, does the chair you are thinking of buying come with a guarantee and/or service contract?

5. What Types of Massages Does it Provide?

Pain relief and relaxation are the two main reasons that people turn to massage therapy. In fact, it has been reported that massage is effective in relieving pain by 89% of consumers. High-end massage chairs offer features such as kneading, tapping, and shiatsu, to name a few. Low-end chairs usually have just the basic vibration and rolling features. Be sure to check out the features if you are investing in a discount massage chair. Also, you may find that a discount massage chair could feature different massage positions for relief of tension and stiffness.

Stemming from ancient cultures that date back thousands of years, today’s massage therapy continues to soothe away stress and alleviate chronic pain and discomfort. These five tips should make the experience less stressful for you. Investing in a discount massage chair for your business or home could be an experience with wonderful results, because massage is actually not a luxury at all, it is a means to achieving good health and overall wellness.